Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Working from Home

Several months ago, my lifestyle changed quite a bit. Back in May, my department announced a program to "work from home" for half of your work week. I decided to partake knowing that my husband was job hunting and not knowing where that would take us. He is now working about an hour and a half away, and as we look to move closer to that area, this work from home program is a great way for me to keep my job since I will only have to commute half the time.
As I have adjusted to this new lifestyle, a few things have changed. Obviously, I don't have to "dress up" every day. I am also only washing my hair every other day (the days I do go into the office). Cutting down on my morning routine, saving product, water, etc..... has been nice. But as tempting as it is to work in my pajamas all day, that is not what I do. I still have to take my son to and from daycare everyday, and occasionally I will run some errands during my lunch hour. Needless to say, throwing on some comfy clothes and tying my hair up is the answer. 
One of the hardest challenges to all of this is the blog here. Since this has turned into a fashion blog, from my original jewelry blog intent, I want to offer the best content that I can. Ideally, I would love to post everyday. And for every 1 post that I do, there are probably 5 more that I decide not to publish either because I didn't think the outfit was good enough and/or the pictures were not good enough. (Which I am seriously tempted to upgrade my camera.... maybe there will be some good deals over the holidays that will convince me. Canon Rebel?)
Anyway, there is no reason not to share some of my more "casual" outfits as well so I am going to start doing that. Starting with this one:

Here is a good example of finding a detail you like (such as these crochet sleeves) that is more pocketbook friendly. Free People Thermal for $68 or Sonoma Thermal from Kohl's for $9.99 (you can probably guess which one I picked, and I am tempted to get more colors). This is such an easy top to throw on and it is so comfy but yet it has those special details so it doesn't look like you are raiding your man's outdoor gear!
Worn with black jeggings from JC Penney from a few years ago. Bare Traps boots from a few years ago. And my Anthro DIY vintage glasses necklace (see original post here).

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