Monday, November 11, 2013

Fashion Roadkill

Today, I tried not to be "fashion roadkill"....... meaning, I tried not to fall when walking. Now, some might say these pants alone would be considered "fashion roadkill", and that's fine. You are entitled to your opinion. This is the second time I have worn these pants (see first time here) and even after having them shortened, I think they are still too long. As you can see, I am wearing pretty high heels to help them from dragging on the ground. But that solution is defeated when the heel catches the hem and you fear you will: 1. Fall, 2. Rip your pants, or 3. Tear your pants completed off! Luckily, I made it through the day, taking each step slowly and with purpose. That was hard for me as I am usually a fast walker! These pants are staying in the closet now until I can get them fixed again!

Elevenses Chevron Wide Legs : Anthropologie
Statement Necklace : TJ Maxx
Button Down : Sears (years ago)
Sam & Libby Kaye Buckle Boot : Target

*Can I just say that Target has been rocking it in the shoe department this year! I bought 3 pairs of sandals there this summer, and so far these boots this Fall.

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