Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Dress Shopping

I am so honored and excited to be Matron of Honor in my dear friend's wedding this September. I took the day off last Friday for our first dress shopping experience. I knew I wanted to be comfy so I went to this tried and true outfit.

When putting this outfit together, my main goal was finding something to go with the necklace - a tiny painting in a frame - purchased at The Art Center of Battle Creek. When I saw it, I thought it was very Anthro! The Painted Peacock Tee by One September (from Anthropologie) was the perfect match! See it previously here. The rest of my outfit is all my usual basics - a thrifted cardigan, skinny jeans and boots from JC Penney.

In other news, never a moment of rest here at the Trudeau house..... After finishing the studio, and then repainting the living room and doing all new trim in there, we have now moved on to repainting this hallway all the way up these stairs and into our upper living area (the area outside of the 2 bedrooms and bathroom). This by far is the largest area we've tackled to date, and we have divided it up to hallway/stairs and then upper area. We are doing the walls and the trim, so a lot of taping is involved. And the door surfaces that face out into these areas. Ugh! That one Sunday when I was able to make some necklaces seems like it was just a lucky moment in time. I am seriously feeling the need to just take off an entire week so I can have some time to myself and make jewelry (especially since my next show will be in May). One odd outcome from all of this? Our stairs are so creaky! We currently have painters tape on the edges while we are painting the trim. And something as simple as that has made them completely quiet!?!?! It is so weird, and I hate to take the tape off now. Do you think I could start a new trend in decor by leaving it on?

Lastly, take note of the 4 canvases going up the one side of the stairs. I'll do a post soon on a little DIY project I did!

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