Thursday, October 4, 2012

Savvy Chic

I thought I’d share some online shopping tips today, on how I search for the best deals. Here’s the story (with links):
At the end of August, I was at a Macy’s in a larger city (a.k.a. larger selection of things I don’t see at my local store). I spotted a beautiful sheer peacock feather printed top by Lucky Brand that I thought would go well with a lot of things, including my newly thrifted $3 red jeans. The price tag was a shocker…… $99! So I made a mental note about it and did some online searching later. Here is what I found:
Here is the top on the Macy’s website. I usually get coupons for Macy’s – most recently being one for 20% off and one for free shipping on their site. This top has been marked down during some of their special sales – once to $74.99 and once to $69.99. Even with the additional 20% off, and the fact that you can only use ONE code (not both the 20% off and free shipping) on their site, it was still a no go for me. (Macy’s does offer free shipping for orders $99 and above, but that usually does not work for me).
Zappo’s also offers this top on their website for full price. I believe it was once marked down to $89 and they do offer free shipping all of the time, no order minimum.
I had even found this top on eBay, for a small $5 discount and free shipping, but still no.
Wouldn’t you know, the best price was directly from the brand! Lucky’s website marked this to half off, and then was offering an additional 25% off for a special sale. I also searched for additional coupon codes for Lucky and came up with 10% more off. That’s more like it.
You might notice that the top Lucky manufactured for other retailers has a scoop neck and ¾ loose sleeves whereas the one on their site is long cuffed sleeves and a v-neck. So those are details you will want to look at if you really have your heart set on a certain feature. In this case, I was not picky.
Moral of the story? Do your homework! It’s amazing what you will find. I tend to be a repeat customer to sites that allow multiple discount codes and free shipping with no limit. You may already be getting discounts mailed or emailed to you, but usually only if you are on their mailing list. If it’s a place you don’t usually shop at, search online for discounts. My favorite site is Retail Me Not.
I kept the rest of this boho outfit simple, with a long copper feather necklace I made.

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Love this whole outfit! Lucky Brand is one of my very favorites!!! Probably my most favorite store and brand right now. Fits my style perfectly. I'm starting quite the collection and at the moment, my lucky pieces are the ones I wear the most.