Saturday, October 27, 2012

Crafting at Anthropologie

A few weeks ago, I got an email from Anthropologie regarding Holiday Display Workshops. I immediately clicked the link and was pleased to see the closest store to me was participating in the event. I called right away to sign myself and my partner in crafty crime (Kristen) up. The combined love of Anthropologie and crafting was a dream come true. To think that we'd be helping creating their window displays was so exciting!

So few nights ago we made the trek up to the Grand Rapids store, not knowing what to expect. We were told that this year marks Anthropologie's 20th Anniversary, and the gift for 20 years is China. We were going to create Dutch Delftware plates to be hung on a wall in their largest window. They had several of the familiar blue and white pattern examples taped to the wall for inspiration. (I see 2 peacocks, do you?)
From afar, it looked as though we were given plain bisque plates - like the kind you would get if you went to a DIY pottery place. But upon closer inspection, they were actually thrifted dinner plates that had been given a coat of matte white spray paint! I should have known given Anthropologie's afinity towards recycling. A royal blue Sharpie (with a fine and thick tip) and an epoxy glaze are the only other supplies needed to complete these cute plates. Great idea! Sally, the display manager at the store, will be completing the glazing part for us and showed us what a completed plate looked like. It was amazing how close to the real deal it looked.
Best Buds!
We first penciled on our designs. We were given doilies to trace if we wanted, and I came up with a peacock design using one. Kristen freehanded a beautiful flower design that was on one of the tableclothes next to us.

Then, we went over our designs with the markers.
Kristen also freehanded an awesome tree/bird design! And here's my doily peacock!

Completed pieces!

I could so see this flower plate in Kristen's house, as she decorates with a lot of blue and white!

We were treated to snacks, wine and water. As the lovely evening drew to a close, I couldn't help but notice the chair I was sitting in. Upholstered in patchwork denim, this baby retailed for $598!!! I couldn't believe I was trusted to craft on such an expensive piece of furniture! Maybe they figured since the markers were blue??? Seriously though, this project was mess free - another bonus if you decide to try it at home. On another sidenote, the spot lights in the store made some of our picture taking difficult. We got a lot of shadows, but oh well.

The plates are going to be hung within the next few weeks and will remain up through the holidays. So we're definitely planning a trip back to see how the display turns out and I will certainly post pics of our proud moments. We also want to know if we'll be able to have the plates we created once the display is done. Having a plate I made in an Anthropologie display? That's like a dream come true for this girl!


Lorelei said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

i LOVE the idea that you got to do this!
i must know where you got that adorable owl shirt.

kristin said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

How fun! Your plate is beautiful!