Sunday, March 14, 2010

Bauble Swap!

My friend Jennie over at The Prim Pumpkin is hosting a bauble swap! Jennie is the office manager at the Art Center, and she makes wonderful pumpkin dolls! Check out her blog and etsy shop through the link above, although she doesn't have any dolls for sale at the moment because they are off visiting with publications! So if you are an art doll lover, you may see some of her creations in print soon! We share a love of Halloween, and I know I will own one of her dolls someday... in fact, there is a certain fellow with a peacock plume in his top hat that I have my eye on.

Anyway, Jennie is collecting all of the baubles from the 10 participants and then she will put all of the packages together and send them out. I am so excited to see what comes my way. It's not just specific to jewelry, I would call it more mixed media. So I thought about how someone could use these pieces in a sewing project... or on a doll....etc.....

To represent my own craft, I hand burned 10 of my wood butterflies. I have never done so many at once, so it was fun to experiment with different designs and patterns - no two are alike!
I also gave out these wonderful ceramic pieces from etsy seller Mudaliscious. I had 5 owls and 5 peacocks.
Finally, I included in each package a wood cameo from etsy seller Pork Chop Show.
I'll do a follow up post to show off the baubles I get in return. What fun to send these things off into the world! Thanks for hosting this Jennie!

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