Monday, November 11, 2019

TJ Maxx Luck Continues!

I recently posted several clothing items I felt lucky to find at TJ Maxx / Marshalls over the Summer. Whether it be clothing, some of my best jewelry finds over the years, or more random items, I am so happy with what I am continuing to find every time I go into these stores! Even though you can shop online at both TJ Maxx and Marshalls, because of the nature of their business you can't always find things on their site (and vice versa what is on their site isn't guaranteed to be in stores) so I have linked to these items if I was able to find them elsewhere (and so you can see the price comparison).
First up is this really cool boho patch tote from Antik Kraft. It was love at first sight. I am usually someone who ALWAYS wants a shoulder strap - I've passed up great bags I loved if they didn't have one - but I am loving the option of the shorter handles here too! Please tell me I am not alone in the fact that many times I don't change my bags unless I get a new one? I used to be so good about changing every few months but until I got this one last week I'd been carrying the same bag since early Spring even though it was on my mind to switch. I got this for $39.99 but if you can't find it at your local TJ Maxx, you can get it direct from Antik Kraft for $54.99.
The Advent Calendar market has really exploded the last few years. What used to be cheap chocolate has now expanded to lots of toy options for kids and interesting choices for adults. From wine (remember the Aldi drama last year), cheese, beauty products, socks..... it's really fun to see what is available! Of course I've wanted one, but what did I want? Well, the decision was made for me when I found this beautiful peacock one at TJ Maxx for $29.99. It is filled with body wash, lotions, bath salts and bath bombs. I cannot wait to start it and it will continue to be a pretty display piece in my decor in upcoming years. I could probably even have someone refill it for me each year. If you can't find this at your local store, you can get it on Amazon for $52.43. Ladies, you know you're going to be the main person shopping, wrapping, keeping track of school activities, making cookies and making sure everyone has a great holiday - so TREAT YOURSELF NOW!
If you are familiar with the brand Spell & the Gypsy, then you will recognize this Lovebird print. A real Spell piece like this kimono would probably be $200. I got this one at Marshalls for $16.99 however I just saw them at TJ Maxx the other day too on clearance for $12.00. The hardest part about buying off season is waiting until the right time to get to wear something.
Look at this gorgeous yoga mat bag! Yoga (and any workout/sport gear) can get really expensive. I couldn't believe this bag was only $16.99! The entire thing is embroidered, and you can probably tell I am someone who loves detailed standout pieces!
Honorable mention..... I am going to include these Khombu boots since I am seeing them in stores (and online) again this year. I needed to update my Winter boots before the season about this time last year. I previously had Ugg like boots, so going in the direction of duck like boots was overwhelming. I really liked the look of these and was impressed they are real suede for the price ($39.99). The laces are really user friendly to loosen and tighten. If you are between sizes, size up! 

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