Tuesday, February 19, 2013


I admit, I am not the most savvy blogger. I am feeling like the blog needs a makeover, so I will be making changes as time permits. With all of the social media outlets now, does anyone else find it hard to keep up? I mean, I already blog and do Facebook. I started Twitter after attending a bloggers meet last Fall. I do Pinterest, but only for personal reasons at the moment. Haven't really done too much with Instagram yet, and now there's this new short video Vine thing?!?! Everytime you turn around it's something new. And making sure you are touching each and every one of these to promote yourself is hard! Especially if you are not doing it full time.
The first small change you will see, is that I am going to start adding "Pin It" buttons for my pictures. We'll see how it goes - hopefully I did it right (eeek)!
I've wanted to post this top for some time now, but the coloring on it has been tricky everytime I've tried to photograph it. Even the Macy's product page casts it more orange. It's truly a really deep watermelon. And I just love dragonflies, don't you?
Outfit breakdown:
Style & Co Darling Dragons Blouse - Macy's
A.N.A. Black Jeggings - JCP
Jessica Simpson boots - DSW
Skinny black belt - taken off another top
Bubble Necklace - Dear Prudence

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