Friday, February 8, 2013

Baskets & Bins

I have come to realize that baskets and bins have taken over my home the last few years. Need something organized? It's the first thing that comes to mind. Probably because no matter what store you go to now, they all offer these storage solutions. And, we've become so used to it that if we see a picture in a magazine or online of a room that includes some sort of shelving with baskets/bins we think "that looks nice".... because that's what we do now.

The above picture is in the new studio, where I lost a lot of storage space because we did not put my long folding table back in there (which I had fabric over so that I could stash tons of stuff underneath it). So, I had to find 2 baskets to fit under this table.

The picture below is of our entertainment center in the living room. Jon's uncle built it probably in the 70's, and while you can't see the whole thing here it is still very relevant to today's styles. So relevant in fact that it has sections perfect for said baskets. Once Richard started becoming more mobile, and his toy collection grew, I replaced the knick knacks that were there with baskets for his toys. The dragon head coming out makes it extra chic, don't you think?
Here's an example of a piece that specifically fits the standard bins. I bought this 9 cube shelf about 11 years ago when we first got married. Unfortunately, many of these are not units are not built of the best quality..... mine has severe sagging in the middle. It's kindof in limbo right now in our home decor, but I know it would still make a great organizer in a play room or basement perhaps in the future.
Shelf in mudroom - did not come with bins but I found ones to fit perfectly!
How about you? Are you a big basket/bin organizer?

And don't even get me started on totes........ the basement is full of them!

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