Monday, July 16, 2012

Inspired by: The Zoo

I've recently been inspired to make some "wild" pieces of jewelry! The giraffe pendant (Green Girl Studios) and peacock feather bead were Bead & Button purchases. The various animal print rounds are so fun too! The necklace is listed in my Etsy shop, with the bracelet soon to follow.

Our little zoo in Battle Creek here is really fun! We were gifted a membership this year, so we sure are making frequent visits. While we do not have a large variety of animals that other zoos have, it's still really cool! The paths wind through lots of trees, so a walk is usually pretty pleasant even on a hot day. 

The highlights of a visit for me are: the peacocks (of course! They are so friendly and they eat popcorn right out of my hand), the carousel (it's beautiful), and feeding the giraffes. Yes, that's right, you can feed giraffes at our zoo! I don't know of any other place you can do that. There is an overlook they walk right up to in the Africa exhibit, and a leaf of lettuce is $1 (6 leaves for $5). Yeah, pricey, but what are you going to do? They have long tongues that feel like sandpaper! This year there is a new baby giraffe...... several years ago there were 2 new babies! So wonderful, especially now seeing it through the eyes of a child!

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I love the zoo!! anything zoo related makes for a great day!!!

Thanks so much, I enjoy reading your blog!