Wednesday, September 15, 2010

old listings do rust

I've realized that I have quite a bit of older listings on Etsy, so I am having a SALE! You may have noticed that I've been using a new background (some tattered linen) for my photos. So, my theory behind this SALE was to mark down every item that was not photographed with that background. That way, my shop will eventually have a more defined look. Not to mention that there are some real pretties that need new homes - like the one pictured above. I did not have a rhyme or reason to how I marked down the items (like a certain percentage or dollar amount) - I just did them individually. But please know that they are reduced by $4, $5, even up to $10 off their original prices. Oh, and I'm offering FREE SHIPPING on the SALE items! The FREE SHIPPING has already been taken off those listings. Thanks!!!!

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I just love anything with a key in it -- awesome work!