Monday, May 24, 2010

Oh, Mamacita!

Check out this cool ring I made, using a Mamacita Beadworks button! I bought this button a while ago, and had first tried to make a ring out of it with wire. But, the button stuck up too much for my taste so I set it aside for a while.

These new bezel rings are from the new Industrial Chic line at Michael's, and lo and behold they were just the right size for this pretty pewter button - I just cut the shank off of it and used a jewelers adhesive to set it in the bezel. Perfect! And see how nice and flush it is. The backdrop is the funky chair I use in my studio.

I had bought some bezel rings like this from Patera at Bead & Button last year, and am glad to know they are just a few minutes away now at Michael's instead of having to order or whatever. I see a lot of options with these besides buttons: coins, paper/resin, cabs, etc....
Excuse me while I go to my studio in search of the perfect sized round objects!