Friday, May 14, 2010

New Listings

So, I've kinda been neglecting my Etsy shop and my blog..... I've just been distracted and preoccupied with other things. Spring is such a busy time of the year - it seems like there is so much to do around the house and yard. And since my husband is in the middle of having 2 months off from school, we are trying to take advantage of that time and pack in as many projects as possible.

I still have been doing some behind the scenes housekeeping with my jewelry. I restocked the 2 local shops I sell at - one of which is the new (temporary) home of the Art Center Gift Shop in our downtown area while we undergo road construction at our normal location, and before I know it the Art Fair that I do in June will be here! The weekend before the Art Fair is Bead and Button. In the past years, I have had to gather my stock from the 2 local stores I sell at for the Art Fair, but my goal this year is to create enough so that I don't have to do that. Not only is it work for me to transport things back and forth, but it is also work for them to check out and re-check in items in their inventory.

My parents are on their way here to visit for the weekend, and we are looking forward to the annual Spring into the Arts walk in our downtown area. This event gets bigger and better every year! I was asked by the Art Center to demonstrate jewelry making, but since my parents will be here I was not able to. I will take some pics to post though!

So my house is all clean and I am just waiting for them to arrive. It's nice and quiet and I had some time to list some new things on Etsy. I absolutely love how the Jade Scott kite necklace turned out! Very simple and lightweight for summer! Enjoy the eye candy, and have a great weekend!


TesoriTrovati said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Hey! I love what you have done!
And I know about having not enough stock and not enough time. It is killing me right now.
I will be at Bead & Button too! Maybe I will see you. Come visit me at the Humblebeads booth 1212!
Enjoy the day!

Lorelei said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

love love love that kite necklace! omg! so cute!

Mellisa - Chinook Jewelry said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

They're all beautiful! Your Van Gogh necklace is gorgeous but the kite one takes the cake :)