Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Inspired by: Wedding Flowers

I am participating in Erin's May challenge: Inspired by Wedding Flowers. Are you? This challenge came at the perfect time, because I got married on May 18, 2002. I always reflect on my wedding during this month.

Flowers played a very important part in my wedding. We wanted a garden wedding, but living in the Midwest you never know what the weather will be like on any given day! So, we got married at an indoor garden - the Mitchell Park Domes in Milwaukee, WI. The Floral Show Dome was so gorgeous this time of year. It smelled amazing! It was full of any spring flower you could possibly think of. There was a pond with the bridge, and a pretty gazebo made entirely of tree branches and twigs (which we got married under). I couldn't have asked for a more perfect setting.

My colors were very pale pinks and purples. I had 2 attendants and 3 flower fairies. Their bouquets and head wreathes were mostly roses with sprigs of heather (how fitting). The CD of pictures I have is different than my actual printed photos, so this image of us girls goofing around was the best group shot I could find for the moment. My bridemaid and maid of honor were my two good friends who I had known since kindergarden. My cousin was one of the flower fairies, and then two little sisters - daughters of our friends - were the other two.
My bouquet was roses, orchids and ivy. It is a frail little dried blob now, sitting on a shelf in my house. I hope to have it forever.
While I was making jewelry at the time, it was not at the capacity that I am doing it now. Back then, I did have grand ideas of making jewelry for my wedding party as well as making the cake, bouquets, you name it. But the reality of adding all those extra stresses in just did not work. As it was, I did print up our programs and made hundreds of favors (flower seeds in little tin watering cans).
So, I was happy to be able to create this necklace and earring set without the pressure of my actual wedding pending. The colors are inspired by my wedding palette of pinks and purples. I layered some silk flowers onto a filigree pendant and anchored them there with a rhinestone button. I got the pretty little floral lampwork donuts at Bead & Button one year from Mavis Smith.

The chain is simple, and it mixes a gunmetal color with the copper for what I feel looks like a heirloom piece. The earrings are just simple petals from the same flowers topped off with the lampwork beads. I think this set would have been very fitting for my special day!


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You know what I like best? The story of your glorious wedding day. I love that fun photo. I have never been to the domes but would love to.
Thank you so much for sharing your sweet inspiration with all of us. This is just lovely.
Enjoy the day!

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