Saturday, April 3, 2010

SALE! and new bracelets

I'm having a Spring cleaning SALE in my Etsy shop. I am gearing up to bring new items to the 2 stores I sell at locally, so before I take things out of Etsy I thought I would offer up a little deal on them: $5 off and free shipping! I will send out revised invoices.

Take advantage of the SALE on this new pretty I just added to the shop. Chunky opals with a charm cluster of an enamelled disk & dragonfly, filigree, and peal. The cluster actually used to be an earring from a mix of jewelry the lovely Erin at Every Heart Crafts sent to me to upcycle!
This next bracelet features one of Humblebeads new sly little foxes. And a matching disk bead she sent along. I have yet to research what these stones are that I used. I bought them at the gem show that I went to in Detroit in November of 2008. The colors couldn't be more perfect for this little guy, but that's the only downside of purchasing strands from a huge mixed heap on a table. Sometimes you can't identify each and every strand. I wrestled for a while with a clasp for this one. First I was trying a toggle, but those can be hard with such large beads. Then I tried a button, with a beaded loop on the other end. Still didn't feel right. So I settled on a standard lobster clasp. For now anyway.....

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