Friday, April 9, 2010

Postcard Salon - Update

So, remember last week when I posted the cards I made for the postcard salon at the Art Center? Well, the event was last night. Here are some pics of Gallery 1 at the Art Center, with the walls filled with postcards! There were so many mediums the artists created their 4 x 6 works from: watercolor, oil painting, photography, drawing, mixed media collage, fibers, stained glass.... and of course mine were created from copper, wood, and beads. $20 for each of these mini works of art is so reasonable!

So at 5:55, members of the Art Center got first pick. There was one card in particular that I was coveting. And of course, several other people were coveting it as well. Jennie, the Office Manager there, creates the most unique art dolls - all pumpkin/Halloween themed. She sculpts their pumpkin heads out of clay, paints them, and sews all their clothes. Quite often, she embellishes them with glass charms made by one of our glass blowing teachers, Joe Takens. Her dolls sell quickly, and I am sure they are soon going to be showing up in some magazines. I have been wanting one for quite some time - after all, Halloween IS my favorite holiday! Visit Jennie's blog here to see more of her work.
Anyway, here is the little "baby" I got! Isn't she cute! Attached to a simple brown paper bag to make her into a postcard. As the time approached 5:55, my heart was beating fast. We were all waiting in Gallery 2 for our Director to give us the go ahead. We were armed with tiny post-it notes with our names on them to stick on the cards we wanted. As soon as I heard the word, I ran.... and ended up winning this little beauty. I was really happy and excited, but still felt a twinge of guilt. I don't like cut throat type things...... I like being a nice person. I tried to compare it to winning an auction on eBay, or buying Jade Scott pendants on her update days. But still, I don't know why I fret about these things.....
I also purchased 2 other gorgeous cards. Last year, when I purchased 4 cards, I shared one with my Mom. So this year she asked for another one. She has the choice between these two.
This one is called Red and Orange Bouquet by Gretchen Foster. It is lovely layers of painted handmade papers.
And this pretty watercolor called Pool with Koi by Vivian Schilling.

I met a new person, John, who purchased my copper postcard. As far as seeing if my other two sold, I do not know amid the chaos. After I made my purchases, I was anxious to get home after some long nights at work on Tuesday and Wednesday. The remaining postcards will be up for sale for a bit longer, so you still have time if you are in the Battle Creek area!

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