Friday, February 12, 2010

SALE and other tidbits

In honor of February and Valentine's Day, I am having a bit of a SALE. I had 3 necklaces in the shop with heart pendants, and then a sweet deer necklace who needs a home before Winter is over. So, the prices have been marked 25% off. Check it out!

The last few weeks have been a bit of a blur. About 3 weeks ago, I had an irritated eye. I went to the eye doctor - no real diagnosis, but got some prescription drops. It got better, but is worse again now. I am a contact lens wearer, so this is especially tough. I have glasses, but since I have been wearing contacts for so long I feel disabled in glasses. I can hardly get anything done. Then, my husband and I both came down with terrible colds that have taken 2+ weeks to get over. The little amount of time I have had to work on jewelry has been doomed as well. The last few times I have tried to work on metal pieces, I have broken 3 saw blades, 2 drill bits (one of which smashed into my fingernail - Ouch!), and a few stones I was trying to rivet. Maybe this weekend my luck will be better and I get can some stuff done.

Things are looking up though! I am taking 2 classes at the Art Center this semester. One is stained glass, which I have always wanted to do! I drew my own peacock pattern, and two weeks into it I have all of the pretty glass cut. I can't wait to show it once it is finished. The other class is PMC, another medium I have always wanted to learn. Our first class was cancelled this week due to snow, so I am anxious to start next week.

The other exciting thing is the trip my husband and I are planning to Belize in a few months! We are spending 3 nights at one resort in the "jungle" for lack of better words - exploring Mayan ruins and hiking to waterfalls that you can swim in. Then 3 nights at a beach resort. I simply cannot wait. My week is ending quite well as I came home yesterday to find the Spring issue of Stringing in my mailbox! I have a cute design in the bracelet gallery. It was great to settle down on the couch and page through it last night. Today, I was very happy with my review at work for 2009. Made my day! So now, I am looking forward to the weekend - relaxing with my 3 Valentine's: Jon, Mocha & Biscuit!


Heather Powers said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

sounds like you and your husband are ready for a vacation! feel better soon.

you are going to love the mayan ruins in belize. they are amazing!

SueBeads said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

WOOHOO - can't wait to hear about the trip! Good for you taking classes too! hope your eye feels better soon!

TesoriTrovati said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Oh my gosh...Belize?! Fantastic! It has been so long since I went anyplace tropical. Color me jealous (a rich shade of green). I was thinking of you this week at Target. There is the most divine peacock card from Papyrus there...a woman all dressed as if she were a peacock. Almost bought it for you, but realized it was a birthday card, and it would seem really silly for me to send you a birthday card when it isn't your birthday(it isn't your birthday, is it?). Well, I was thinking of you at any rate! Take care! Enjoy the day! Erin said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Ohhhh, I'm so jealous! But I hope you have a wonderful time!