Sunday, January 31, 2010

Last Day to Help the Arts

Since today is the last day of January, it's the last day to take advantage of FREE SHIPPING in either of my shops as well as know that your money is going directly to benefit the Art Center of Battle Creek. I just added two new necklaces for your shopping pleasure.

Since I last brought up our Sustainable Growth campaign at the Art Center, some new challenges have occurred. We found out the city is going to be doing some utility work on the street we are located on, tearing the road down to just sand with absolutely no traffic to be driven on it from April to September. And as we all know with construction, there are many factors that can delay or make the completed time later than originally planned. Therefore, we are looking into a temporary location to move the gift shop, perhaps some small exhibits, and maybe some artist demonstrations. The staff and board is positive and excited about turning this challenge into an opportunity. I will give updates as the project moves forward.

Yesterday, I was pulled to take my Swarovski crystals & pearls out to complete these necklaces. This first one is elegant shades of pewter and greys, perfect for this winter lull we are in. It features a lotus theme, with 2 lotus caps holding a double stranded focal. There are 2 lotus charms (one being from Hint) amongst Swarovski rounds, pearls, and faux smokey quartz.
This next one will make you look forward to Spring for sure! When I purchased these vintage window beads with the yellow and green splatters on them, I knew they would pair up perfectly with the yellow and green wood butterflies I had. I have been accenting the butterflies with some wood burning details. The dotted border on the wings ties in with the dotted bronze cones I used, along with wood rounds, Swarovski rounds and bicones. I had a floral ceramic connector from Earthenwood that I used as part of the clasp.

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Those are gorgeous, and I really like the butterfly!