Monday, January 18, 2010

Don't Forget.....

The auctions I have on eBay to benefit the Art Center of Battle Creek are ending tonight. There are a lot of watchers on each item, so I am interested to see how it all turns out. Good luck if you are coveting a piece - I hope you are able to take advantage of some collectible jewelry/beads, free shipping, and helping a good cause! You can get to the auctions by following this link.

Also, don't forget free shipping in both of my Etsy shops the entire month of January, again with all sales going to the Art Center.

I have the day off today, and as much as I would love to just veg out in front of the TV or make jewelry all day, I know that I should really go get my oil changed, run a few errands, and then I am getting my hair done at 5:00. I am in the mood for something new - bangs? new color? we'll see. I was able to work in my metal studio a good portion of the weekend, so I should have some new pieces to show soon!

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