Friday, May 22, 2009

Technically, it's still Friday......

Thank you everyone, for your comments (and patience) regarding my most recent giveaway of some of my wood components. I enjoyed reading about who you would want to meet and what you would shop for at Bead & Button. The winner is:

Fab Fibers!

A fellow Michigander, please email me your address at

I apologize for being so boring lately. I am having company this weekend so this week has been busy getting our home ready. My husband was off work this week (unpaid) and he did a phenomenal job in getting the pool ready, mulch & other yard stuff, working on vehicles, power washing - way too much stuff to list. My visitors are coming tomorrow morning and I have a lot of fun plans for my 2 nieces - making paper beads, polymer clay beads and all other sorts of crafty things! Hopefully, this means some new pictures to post and I will get motivated to start creating again. Bear with me, I promise there will be exciting things to come! I have been getting all sorts of goodies in the mail and I can't wait to play with them!

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