Monday, May 11, 2009

And now, for something totally different from yesterday.

It's no secret that I love all types/styles of jewelry. So it's no surprise that one day I can be playing with mixed metals and a very vintage theme, to the next night playing with bright jungle like materials.

I recently acquired two of these peacock pendants. They really gave me an ethnic/African/jungle vibe. Maybe it's because I have a scrapbook paper with all these animal prints on it, including a peacock which is unusual for the standard animal prints. Or maybe I was inspired by my friend Sarah's ceramic piece she made for me a few weeks ago. At any rate, I listed this necklace in my shop. To give the manufactured pendant a more handmade look, I decoupaged some words onto it. I really like how the black and white text pulls the zebra connectors together into the piece.
With the second pendant, I made this similar necklace for myself, having the leaf beads create an ombre effect.I also listed this bracelet. I made a necklace in this same color palette last Fall with a larger pendant I had like this. It's an unusual color combo, but I really like it. It's perfect for summer!

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