Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Yesterday was the best day ever!

So, Mondays are usually a drag right? The weekend is over, it's back to the grind..... Well, yesterday was pretty great! I came into the office to find my cubicle decorated to celebrate my graduation. My scrapbooking friend, Kristen, had made several paper owls to hang from the ceiling with ribbons and streamers. They are too cute! I think she followed a pattern where she had to cut most of the pieces out by hand, but I know she owns several sizes of round punches that she was able to use for the layered eyes. She and I are both expert paper collectors and we sometimes have a hard time actually using the paper so I know what a great friend she is for "letting go" of a lot of her patterned paper for this project! I didn't take a pic of them flipped over, but the backsides are nicely covered with patterned paper too!There was delicious cake, cookies and ice cream and very generous gifts. My friend Brent got me a Target gift card that had a peacock on it - the tail feather eyes were the Target symbol - maybe you've seen it if you shop there. So it was very appropriate that I immediately logged onto their website and ordered a peacock tunic I had seen on there previously!

In keeping with the wise owl theme, I also got this cute stuffed owl that can record a message. In my excitement, I didn't want to stop and read which button to push so I accidentally pressed the record button and erased the message. Much fun and laughter ensued after that about the fact that my new degree might not have made me any smarter. We had fun re-recording the message several times, but in my defense, that record button is really sensitive! "Who, who graduated?" repeatedly got taped over with me squealing "Oh no, I erased it againnnnnnnnnnnn!" I will share pics once I get them from Kristen......
As if my day couldn't have gotten any better, there were 2 packages waiting for me when I got home - I love getting the mail! One was from Nancy at Round Rabbit. The additional art deco peacocks I had bought from her arrived (I blogged some previously). I have 9 now, I think my addiction will be in check for a while. Don't worry, I plan to share once I come up with some designs. Anyway, she was sweet enough to refund some shipping money (since I kept buying, and buying, and buying) AND she included these 2 other peacock designs! I just love them - one is a cobalt blue and the other a deep purple. Thank you Nancy - you're so sweet!Next was the funky bracelet I bought from Lorelei on Friday- can you believe I got it already! I can't believe how sometimes the mail can be so fast and other times it can be so slow. This bracelet is the bomb! The long wood beads are so satiny soft that it pulls on and off the wrist with ease and comfort. The handmade button she used is so cool! If she makes more of this cuff design, I highly, highly recommend you get one!So last night, I really didn't get anything done. I just sat in my studio and ran my fingers across my porcelain peacocks, slide my bracelet on and off, and ate the leftover goodies from work. I just sat back and was thankful for my friends - both the ones I see in person on a daily basis as well as the ones I connect with online everyday!


Lorelei said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

oooooh it looks so pretty on you! YAY!

SueBeads said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Sounds like the best day ever!!!!

sharon said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Don't you just love days like that! That bracelet looks great!!