Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Mental Health Day

I hadn't planned on taking today off. But when I called Flash Sanitation yesterday to schedule a septic system pumping, they said they could come this morning but somebody had to be here. So I thought I'd take the morning off. When we moved into the house, we knew they had just put in a new system. But as 6 years slipped by, we realized we need to get it pumped before it became a problem. I had a map I found of the "proposed" system so I didn't think finding access to it would be hard. I knew they charged by the half hour to locate it so every time the guy stuck his little poker into the ground and didn't hit something, I saw dollar signs! Luckily, the bill was not as bad as I expected. He must have took pity on me.

After waving him off at 1:00, I decided to take the rest of the day off. I checked my work email from home and it didn't seem like anything too pressing was happening. The renovation on the dining room is coming along, but not without a few hiccups. The last few days I have had to deal with getting floor supports for the upstairs reinforced because they found a problem when they tore the ceiling down. Reinforcing the bay window which I guess was not properly installed. A broken front door hinge from them hauling the drywall in. It was easier for them to come that way, but we never use our old heavy wood front door - it might get opened once a year! And just as I suspected the other dormer is leaking so we have to have that fixed. It hasn't caused any damage (yet). It's funny how the one dormer leaked into the dining room and nothing upstairs - but this other dormer is leaking into our bedroom but not downstairs?!?! We have recessed bookshelves in our bedroom so it just dripped in there a bit. I couldn't believe laying in bed on Saturday night and hearing those drips. Jon and I were just talking about how we should probably have the other dormer maintained so it wouldn't do the same thing. I literally said to him "Are you eff-ing kidding me?!?!" Now I feel like we should have just had the whole roof redone! I love my old house to death, but damn house - quit mocking me!!!

There has been absolutely no chocolate in the house to deal with this either, so I was reduced to eating leftover chocolate chips the other day!

But today has been a great day! I am thrilled to be the winner of Zoa Art's giveaway! I got some blog love from Backyard Beads and Hint. I have decided to live with my house being a mess since there is no use cleaning it everyday when the workers will just make another mess. So this has allowed me a lot of relaxing time in the studio. I have 4 necklaces to send off to Stringing for their Fall issue - I just have to type up the instructions. That's the worst part of these submissions, I think. And, I will be listing this necklace in my Etsy shop. It's called "She went to Paris" and it features an etched piece from Jennifer Stumpf. I try to keep my blog positive, so thanks for letting me vent a bit about my house - I feel better!


Lorelei said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Oh I hear ya. Dormers are nothin' but TROUBLE. We have leaking too and it's all due to the dormers.

I found out you have a piece in the Summer stringing?? I read it on a blog this morning. CONGRATS!! I can't wait to see it!! And I'm excited to see your pieces if and when they land in the fall issue!

Doreen said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Well, I really think that since you have some time today you should just go buy some really good chocolate! It'll chase your blues away:-)

2ifbysea said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Love this new necklace. Can't wait to see your submissions to the bead mags. A mental health day, huh? I need one of those too!

hint said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

wishing you better chocolate bliss and maybe a mental escape to Paris :) Love the new necklace!

peacockfairy said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Thanks Ladies! I sure did get a lot done today so I'll have lots to blog about! I'm off to post the necklace on Etsy and eat something sweet!