Sunday, April 19, 2009

Pure Peacock Bliss!

Getting the mail this week was so much fun! I have felt so lucky lately to be purchasing some wonderful peacock goodies, all made from very talented clay artists!

First up, I got some more pendants from Melanie at Earthenwood Studio. I had asked her if she would be willing to wrap them in filigree like the ones on her Etsy site, but she encouraged me to try it myself. I did try one and I like how it turned out (the one on the right).

Next, is Wendy from Mudaliscious. I got a really cool blue peacock pendant, and then bought another set from her called "Flight" which included a peacock feather (the flight set also had a really cool owl and some birds). Wendy has agreed to make more of these for me!I was so thrilled this week when Nancy at Round Rabbit started making her peacocks again! First she had a few necklaces in her store. Then, it was sheer luck that I was online on Friday (waiting for my contractor to finish) that I saw she listed some individual ones in her extra shop. I got my first necklace in the mail yesterday and she was sweet enough to include a few "extras" already! Thanks so much Nancy!So, hopefully I will have some designs to share soon with all these. I hope I can get into the studio this week, but.... With the exception of the wood trim (which my husband insisted on redoing - not part of the contracted work) my dining room is done and I have started cleaning the entire house. I'm sure I'll be asked to help stain and such..... And, it is my last week of school this week!!! I have a test tomorrow and an 8 page paper due on Wednesday so I'm not out of the woods yet.

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