Friday, May 15, 2020

Palazzo Problems

 Long time fan of wide leg or palazzo pants, but these have me stumped. I usually wear a fitted top or some kind of waist definition with a wider bottom, but with these I am thinking flowy works too? My first three attempts were with solid tops because I loved how my chunky agate necklace matched. First I am wearing a sleeveless black top with a cropped jean jacket. I have this same sleeveless top in magenta and navy that would work too.
 The pants have both navy and black in them, so I tried it with a navy tee.
 Then I wondered if I would like the pants cropped a bit so I taped the hem to see how that looked with a looser black tee. The pants at full length require a heel and I'm not sure I want to be locked into a heel all of the time. I also love that these flat mint sandals have gold trim which go great with the pants.

 Then I tried some pattern mixing. This striped sweater I got over the Winter has all of the exact colors with metallic flecks in the knit!

I think all outfits "work", and I feel like the most likely combo for me would be the loose sleeveless tops or loose tee. But now I have to decide if I want them shortened and if so, how much? To a cropped length or just enough to be full length with flat footwear? I think it would be really fun to find a metallic gold tee so I'll be on the lookout for that.

All other pieces old: Sonoma sleeveless tops and Apt 9 sweater (Kohl's), Massini navy tee (Meijer), black tee (Walmart), agate necklace and jean jacket (TJ Maxx), mint sandals and sunglasses (Target)

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