Saturday, January 11, 2020

Moody Maxi

 I recently picked up this Anthro maxi from a few years ago on a Buy, Sell, Trade site. The brand is Maeve, and I feel like it's the cool weather version of the Noetzie dress (shown here) that I adore. It's got a statement print, same material, pockets, same waist ruching, same low cut (IMO) - it just has sleeves! I love the chevron pattern, and the moody grey/pink/purple colors. I love when Anthro repeats a good thing.
 We are currently in a weird storm situation here...…. It's been raining for about 24 hours but we are waiting to see if the temps drop for it to turn to snow/ice. So this outfit, and my air dried/no styled hair, is perfect for the dreariness. I mentioned the low cut so I wore a black tank under it. But thinking of how I tried a chambray shirt over the Noetzie dress has me thinking of doing the same here with a grey chambray shirt I have. I decided on 2 necklaces here, but for a different accessory scenario I was thinking of a black belt.
Maeve Novela Dress - Anthropologie (check eBay or Poshmark)
Purple Necklace - Express (years ago)
Pink Fringe Necklace - Anthropologie via TJ Maxx
Boots - Meijer

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