Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Safari Time

 Well, this is my 3rd button front dress this season so I guess it's official....... I love them! What I love even more about this one is the buttons on the top are faux. That's right, they don't open. Why am I okay with this? Because even though I am not *ahem* blessed in the chest area, I still have gap issues with any type of button up item. Doesn't matter if it's a top, dress, sweater..... doesn't matter if I size up. In fact, here's a little trick I did with the two button up Walmart dresses I recently featured here after I photographed them - I sewed up the top portion to prevent gaps! I just chose the same color thread and went right along the seam that was already there. I now have to put them on over my head, but it's worth it. All 3 of these dresses have elastic in the back so by sewing them up I am just making the elastic do its job!
 We go to zoos a lot during the season, and I've owned a lot of animal print clothing for the occasion. When I saw this dress I immediately fell in love with the print. As with any Old Navy print, it also comes with a black background and there is a huge variety of pieces for the entire family - dresses, shirts, pants, jumpsuits, etc.... I really like how classic khaki is, and as I mentioned before I love this style of dress. However, if the jumpsuit would have come in khaki rather than black, I probably would have gotten that since I am now also a jumpsuit lover. I am tempted to get pieces for my hubby and two boys so we can match at the zoo - too much? LOL! The linen blend is wrinkly, but so soft and comfy! I bought this at half off, so for just over $20 it's a steal! Old Navy's sales change daily so just keep watching.
Leopard Belt - old
Seychelles Sandals - Anthropologie