Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Today's Deal

Continuing my week of good deals, today's spotlight is on this lovely necklace. Again, an Anthropologie piece (the Ocean Bauble Bib which retails for $68). As soon as I saw it on the website, I was in love. Statement piece? Check! Ombre colors? Check! These turquoise and mint colors are easily my faves. To find a better deal on this baby, I looked up the artist - Roberta Chiarella - to see if it was sold anywhere else. In fact, it was, right on her brand's website. It was the same price as Anthropologie, but I noticed two things. First, she had a large sale section with the same necklace in melon colors already on sale. Second, she offers a free necklace with every order! I mulled it over for a while.... getting a freebie certainly seemed like a good deal.

But then, my patience paid off as eventually the turquoise color moved to sale....... for $13.60!!!! 80% off!!!! Plus, the bonus free necklace (the free piece changes quite often, so check back often). By the time I paid shipping, I had 2 necklaces for $20!

While the turquoise color is currently sold out on the site, you can get even a third color combo - Chocolate - here.

A few weeks ago, Anthropologie had a jewelry sale. I think it was either 20% or 25% off. But even then, nothing could beat buying directly from the artist! Today, I paired this necklace with pieces I've already shown on the good ole' blog here. My mint jeans (Macy's) and chambray button up (TJ Maxx). See how easily you can dress up a simple jean/top combo! I'll show my equally cute Roberta Chiarella necklace (the freebie) here soon.


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LOVE the necklace AND the price... you have a winner!

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