Sunday, August 18, 2013

Mom Shoes

You might notice that I am usually teetering around on some pretty serious wedges. While wedges do offer more security than say, stiletto heels, there is still the danger of walking on uneven ground when you wedge starts to tilt sideways and you almost roll your ankle. Come on, I know it's happened to you. Now that my son is growing and becoming more mobile and independent, I have quickly realized that I need to invest in some "Mom" shoes. You might be thinking, "why don't you just wear your gym shoes on the weekends?" Well, because this gal does not wear gym shoes unless she is in the gym. Sorry, just can't. Any, unfortunately, all of the cute little ballet flats out there just DO NOT work with my bone structure. You see, the bone on top of my foot which leads down to my big toe is always pinched where the edge of the shoe is. So while you may scoff at the heights of my footwear, they truly are what is most comfortable to me.

I do have that ONE pair of flat gladiator sandals that you'll often see me in here. They are truly my favs and I hate to think about the day when they fall apart. I need to give them a rest. Plus, they aren't the best for the Spring or Fall transitional weather. One of my very good friends is a Minnetonka lover, and several blogs I follow have been promoting Minnetonka. When I was growing up and we took our family vacations in Northern Wisconsin, OF COURSE I had Minntonkas! It wouldn't be the same if you didn't pick out a new pair each year, with the seed bead Native American design on the top! So, I thought, why not go back to my roots and get some Minnetonkas? Am I glad I did! They are so comfy, I feel like I am wearing slippers!

This cute navy blue pair gives a great nautical feel........

Porridge "Gabby" Sweatshirt in Navy/Rope Print - Anthropologie
(*thin t-shirt material, but sweatshirt style)
Simply Vera Destroyed Boyfriend Jeans - Kohl's
Ship Necklace - Forever 21
Apt 9 Aviator Sunglasses - Kohl's
Boat Moc in Navy - Minnetonka (found these at TJ Maxx)

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That is such a great idea, I can't wear heels too often because I have double-jointed knees and some seriously crappy ankles, so it's usually flats for me, but Minnetonkas! How could I forget how awesome they are! Now I want a pair! And I love that sweater on you btw! Makes me sad I never gave it a second glance on the sale rack, by now it's long gone. :)