Saturday, February 25, 2012

Wearable Stained Glass

Here's an outfit I submitted to Effortless Anthropologie last week. This lightweight, sweater vest/wrap is by the brand Moth. It was an eBay find for me a couple of years ago, so it's vintage Anthro - just not sure what year. It has peacocks on it, and some pretty to roses, in a stained glass like pattern. Another peacock sweater I've shown on here is by Moth too, so it's interesting to see brands come out with multiple peacock designs! There's other peacock lovers out there! Usually, I am pairing my Anthro treasures with inexpensive basics - the white tee and brown belt are from Kohl's, and the jeggings are from JC Penney. Those basics go a long way in a gals wardrobe.

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