Sunday, September 11, 2011

Upcycled Art Reception

The reception for the Upcycled Art exhibit was held at the Art Center today. About a week ago I realized that since I had given them all of my upcycled jewelry to either display or sell, I had nothing upcycled to wear to the event! So I made up 2 more recent pieces, each featuring the open work hearts from the Industrial Chic line at Michaels. (note: I have bought them all out at the Battle Creek, Kalamazoo, and one of the Grand Rapids stores. I hope they continue to restock them.)

In the pieces I had already made, the hearts stood alone as a pendant or were linked together on a necklace - but you still always knew that they were hearts. As some of them laid upon my table, I saw different ways to put them together to create even more possibilities! After 4 of them were filled with different tin patterns, they were riveted together to form a flower and then additional metal flowers were layered atop which made for a very cool brooch!

In the same fashion as my heart tea strainer butterfly, I took 2 tin filled hearts to make wings on a Tim Holtz "muse" charm. I hammered out his wire antennae and in true upcycling fashion the rest of the necklace was made from beads found on a clearance necklace at a chain store. The barrel beads are actually fabric and I thought the pattern on them really reminded me of the pattern of butterfly wings.

I don't give my nails much attention anymore, especially since I am working with metal on and off. But I couldn't resist these floral nail wraps I saw in the store. Their pattern reminded me of one of the tins I had been working with. They were as easy as could be to apply with the added bonus of no dry time. Perfect!

So after having my nails done, and choosing an outfit to coordinate with one of my new pieces (I choose the butterfly necklace, although I was wearing the pin as a test run earlier in the day), I joked with Jon that he should wear the flower pin. Being the good, supportive guy that he is, he actually agreed! Granted, he was wearing a new concert tee he bought from a local band that played at a party he went to the night before (a rockabilly group called The Koffin Kats), a girl has to take what she can get, right?

Here's a shot of part of the gallery. It was great to see a lot of people who I haven't seen in a while - past Board President, Sharon, is holding Richard here. He sure got a lot of attention from everyone! Was wide eyed for a little bit and then wanted to nap. The walls were covered with gorgeous butterflies by artist Steve DeMaagd. He makes them out of crashed car parts - the wings being large sheets of the body work. Insects or animals seem to be a theme with upcycled work. Some of the other sculptures there included things like an old shovel for a "body" with pitchfork "feet" to make an unusual looking bird.

It was a little challenging to get good pictures of my work under the cases, but I managed to get a few. Our director did an excellent job with the displays! I gave her some extra tins I had to include for props. It was so cool to see how it all turned out.

My wonderfully supportive friend Kristen, who is always game for a road trip, craft project, or just haunting thrift stores for fun finds!

I have to show off the cute card she made for me, as a congrats on the exhibit. It's a really cool mixed media piece. I love the cute little bunting banner. I think I might like having wings! And the little heart is cut out of a tin can.

Here's a good shot of one of the butterflies.

These bowls are made of woven telephone wires - so pretty!

It was a great reception and I truly appreciate all of the kind support and encouragement I have received!

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This is just AWESOME Miss Heather! I am so proud of you for being a part of this exhibit (your first? I think you can definitely do a standalone exhibit!) I love those hearts and what you did with them and the tin is beautiful. Makes me want to get out the tin that I have been stockpiling since 2008! I love it all, that brooch the most, and the fact that Jon is so willing to wear it! You two are too cute!
Enjoy the day!