Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Love You Forever

When my Mom had me (almost 34 years ago), my Dad gave her a flowery diamond ring which she in turn gave to me when I was about 16. So when I was pregnant with Richard, my Mom hinted to Jon that he needed to get me a similar gift and suggested the Mother/Child jewelry that is so popular. I think at first, he was surprised at finding out that this was a common custom. Then, after thinking about it a while, he realized that the only fine jewelry I wear daily is my wedding ring. He knows that I prefer my artsy, handmade jewelry and love matching my outfits to it. In fact, if I don't have anything on when leaving the house he will say, "Where's your necklace?" and tease me about how much jewelry I have.

So, in sort of ruining the surprise for me, we went shopping together. We agreed upon a feminine, filigree, floral diamond ring (shown below although a little blurry). I love the antique look of it, and like my wedding ring, I wear it every day. (I also love how his little fingers wrap around mine as I feed him a bottle).

But I did still end up with a Mother/Child like piece. I was thrilled to see at Bead & Button that Green Girl Studios has a design in pewter. The mother/child is carved into the front side of the heart, and on the back it reads "love you forever". This totally fit my style! Over the last few months I thought about what I wanted to design with it. A necklace? A bracelet? I decided on a bracelet. Okay, now what beads? Something that will go with everything so I did a mix of different metal tones in pewter, copper and brass. Lastly, since my mornings are a little more busy now, I wanted something that was easy to get on. Using black elastic was the answer. I am pleased with how it turned out.


TesoriTrovati said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

That is so delightful! I love that ring. Such a great idea.

I made a special mother-child piece with one of my 'simple truths' designs last week. My friend from h.s. who had a baby given up for adoption when she was just 17 is meeting that boy-turned-man for the first time this week. He has a son of his own, who is named for her, the woman who gave him life. Is that not making your heart melt? We went with the same design for both with 'many the miles' on the back, which is a special sentiment in so many ways. I hope that the meeting has happened and that it has gone well! If nothing else, I have given her something very special to share the love of all her children.
Enjoy the day!

Prządka said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

This bracelet is really charming. And this is a very beautiful commemoration of motherhood.
All the best :)