Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Bead Table Wednesday

Heather Power's of Humblebeads started a new Flickr group called Bead Table Wednesday (BTW for short which ironically also stands for "by the way"). I decided to join because I feel like I need a boost to get back into creating again. I hate to put this in writing, but perhaps my challenge will be to have something from Wednesday completed by the weekend to post/list.

The selection I have above started off with some new shell pendants from Bead & Pieces that have peacock feathers etched into them. I took them to Michael's to match up some shell strands, and then I'll see what else I might want to incorporate.

So many excuses for not getting into the studio lately: Getting through the holidays (shopping, wrapping, decorating - then putting it all away). Either tired from being pregnant or on the other end of the spectrum, busy nesting. And as much as I LOVE my studio's new location in the little room off my living room, it is really cold in the winter because it is all windows even though there is a heat vent in there. I have to turn on a space heater well before I plan to go in there.

But, no more excuses. Jon is now back in school 3 nights a week, and I vow to enjoy that time and make the most of it!

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You are only human, Heather. Let go of any ideas that you have to get things done in a certain way. That shift in attitude will help when you are cuddling that baby and nothing else will matter! Love those beads with the feathers. What fun! When you do get around to it, I will love to see what you create!
Enjoy the day!