Wednesday, December 16, 2009

From Tea to Coffee.....

...... and have I mentioned how much I love these 10 hole wood spacer sticks???

So from previous posts, you have already learned that I am a faithful tea drinker. But I do enjoy a cup of coffee from time to time. Unfortunately, the type of coffee I like is loaded with chocolate, sugar, whipped cream, etc.... so not so good for the waistline. So I indulge only occasionally.

This weekend, these necklaces came together effortlessly and reminded me of coffee houses. You know, the cute little local ones that are so cozy and inviting? The ceramic "house" pendants are from Kylie Parry, and the lucite keys are from Ornamentea. I then used a variety of beads in rich coffee shades: mochas, lattes, chocolate, whatever it reminds you of.

Both of these necklaces are listed on Etsy, and I named them after 2 local coffee houses I enjoy.

Barista Blues Cafe
The Brownstone

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very cool, i love the house pendants!