Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Here are some pics of the pieces I created after coming off the Bead & Button high. These will make their way to Etsy, although I am getting ready for the Art Fair that I do in a few weeks.

Did I mention how cold it was in Wisconsin!?!?! It was just terrible to think that it's June! The only good thing was I didn't feel so guilty then for being inside a convention hall if the weather had been beautiful. It was like Winter!

This was a natural combo: Jennifer Stumpf's etched pendant with a mixed strand from Bead Trust. I love how the copper looks with all of the pretty colors!
Ojime owl paired with a Vintaj branch makes this very wise necklace.A broken chain finds new life with some other found flowers and leaves.
Vintaj beetles make a good match with the shimmery beetle wings! Gears for your ears with Joan Miller's pieces.

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These finds are amazing! Looks like you got re-energized and inspired. So much fun to look at your musings after the show :)