Thursday, June 4, 2009

Hot Rod Power Tour

Many reasons for going to Wisconsin this weekend - to see our families (we haven't been back since Christmas, although some have visited us here) - Bead & Button - and lastly the Hot Rod Power Tour. If you've been following me for a while here, you probably know my husband is a car nut. Every year, this tour goes through different states stopping in a different city every day. It came around this way a few years ago so we went to the stop in Kalamazoo, MI. This year it is coming through my hometown - Racine, WI - again. So that is what will fill our day on Sunday (unless I find an excuse to go back to B & B a second day - hee, hee). Jon was hoping to get his Chevelle done to actually drive there, but no luck.

Well, Jon and I will have some new Peacock Fairy originals to debut at the car show this weekend and to enjoy for the rest of the summer. You might remember a while ago I posted about a material called Fordite - it's basically layers of old car paint from the Ford plants that people saved and cut into cabs. I bought some cabs a while ago and have started to put them into designs. Take a look:

Here is the necklace I made for Jon. This was the most "manly" shape I bought, and to make it simple I just glued a bail onto the back of it. I wove black leather cord through the chain and added an old Ford key. He hasn't committed to a closure yet and is trying out the wheel looking button I have on there for now.

Here is the necklace I think I am going to wear myself. The design could change as time goes on - I'm not sure. It might be too long.... For this cab, I used Ezel Bezel - has anyone else tried this? It can be challenging to get a tight wrap. The "sprocket" is from the Tim Holtz line at Michael's and I used an old Ford key again. Jon is eyeing up my key, so I might have to find him another one like it because I don't think I want to give it up. :-)

This one will be listed on Etsy. The "Journey" charm certainly fits the theme of car cruising or road trips and the lobster clasp attaches to the off-center key.This one will be on Etsy too. I wanted to make one that was not totally car themed, so this cab is wrapped in filigree and has a few silver beads within the chain.I still have more Fordite cabs to create with and wonder what goodies I will find at B & B to pair them up with. The first thing that comes to mind is some items from Melanie's (Earthenwood) new toolbox line (especially cool that Melanie is from the Detroit area). With Father's Day coming up, I'd like to make some more masculine designs. I hope that when I go to all of the different cruises this summer (believe me, there is a lot) that it will become a conversation starter and I can sell some that way too. It's just a really neat material. It's a meaningful piece of history as we sadly see the car companies struggle. And I love the recycling aspect of it.

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I read about those Fordite cabs a little while ago...they're really neat! I like the recycling aspect to them, and they are perfect for men's jewelry! I love the designs you came up with.

Btw, I just got my issue of Stringing magazine in the mail yesterday, and I saw your designs in it...Congrats!!

Have fun at the B&B, I'm so envious! We were just up in OH...guess we went up too soon!