Monday, June 25, 2018

Pink & Green

I am really drawn to pink & green together, so this dress was no exception. But with a price tag of $178, it was out of my reach. As you will see below, I lucked out with markdowns..... I even got an extra 30% off the $49.95! This was late Fall last year so I am just now wearing it, which you have to deal with if you want to get good deals off season. I bought the necklace around the same time too, which I've worn with other things, and it just so happens to go with this dress perfectly.
The hard match though has been the shoes. It's one of those cases where you see olive sandals all the time but then when you are looking for them.... nothing! Plus, this is a bit darker than olive - it is more of a forest green. I finally decided I was going to stop looking and wait until the right pair of shoes fall into my lap so to speak. I really don't want to go the pink route because I won't wear them as much as a more neutral green. Until then, I thought I could get away with brown sandals if I put on a brown belt to try to tie it together.
 Eri & Ari "Lalia Lace Dress" : Anthropologie
Layered Marbles Necklace : Anthropologie

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