Saturday, December 8, 2012

Winter Whites

In today's post, I'm here to show off a new necklace I made which was inspired by Anthropologie's Winter Gemini Necklace. And it just so happened that I found this feathered fleece vest at Kohl's that matches it so perfectly. I am not one to wear a lot of white - or fleece for that matter - but this was a lucky find and I think it will be perfect for comfortable and cozy visits with family over the holidays.
The rest of my outfit is from Kohl's too - a long sleeved tee and fit & flare jeans both from Apt 9.

One of the most exciting things a jewelry maker can hear from someone is: "I've got all of this old jewelry that I don't know what to do with so I'm going to give it to you and you can see what you can do with it."

For this necklace, I used some textured gold beads around the back (didn't get a picture of that necklace before I took it apart) and the white rhinestone necklace you see in the picture below. Both of those pieces were given to me in a bag of vintage goodies.

The two peacock tassels I have had for years (look like gift tie ons or ornaments) and the etched pearls were a recent purchase at Michael's.
The Winter Gemini necklace is a long lariat that comes together with a row of rhinestones and then has 2 tassels hanging down. Deconstructing and wiring the rhinestone rows together was the trickiest part of this, since I have not worked with rhinestones all that much. You'll notice that I made my rows a little asymmetrical instead of perfectly aligned because my tassels looked better that way.
This was a fun project to do with supplies I already had on hand. I've been wanting to use these tassels for something for many years, and Anthro's design immediately made me think of them.

Stayed turned for another post soon about another necklace I made with the rest of the vintage gold beads, that uses an peacock charm from Anthropologie!

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This year I really like the bench and your necklace is really original!