Sunday, November 22, 2009

About Dad

I took a quick trip to my home town last weekend, and while there I got to admire some new garden art my Dad made. He made these modern looking trees by upcycling copper trays he found at work which I am assuming were destined for the garbage. He said he has since made one for me and I am thrilled - I really like them!
I also had the honor of taking a family heirloom home with me. My Dad is a tool & die maker and he bought this wood toolbox for himself when I was 2. He wanted me to have it for my jewelry business. He refinished and cleaned it up - here is the leather handle with his name on it.
Here is a view of the box from the front.
Once the top comes down, it reveals lots of drawers!
The felt in the bottom of the drawers is original and I plan to keep it that way. Not only can I store my tools/beads in here, I immediately knew I was also going to use it as a display at shows!
Eventually, when a baby comes our way, I plan to move my studio to the sunroom right off our living room. But for now, I didn't want to hide this pretty box in my spare bedroom studio upstairs, so it has earned a spot in our living room.

I know my Dad reads my blog...... thanks Dad!!!! Love you!

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You are very lucky to have such a Dad. I wish I was so blessed. You sound like you have a very special relationship and I can tell you cherish it. Hugs for that.