Tuesday, December 12, 2017


Mossimo High Rise Jeans - Target

I feel like no matter how much I plan/prepare ahead, I start to feel consumed by the holiday season. No matter how much I try to simplify, it is still so, so much work! And let me start by saying, we are not highly social people either, skipping from party to party every weekend. Nor do we have an extensive list to buy for. You can't even open your email without seeing hundreds of sale promotions reminding you to shop. Can't walk into a store without hearing Christmas music and a visual assault of overstocked shelves. Is it just me, or does every spare moment seem focused on Christmas? I actually feel guilty doing anything else! Better not watch that show because I still have 2 boxes of decorations to put up. Better not read because I have handmade gifts to complete. Better not blog because I should be wrapping gifts. Well, obviously I needed a break because here I am blogging. 
When I start to feel overwhelmed, it's amazing how much taking a break and doing something just for "me" helps. Don't get me wrong, I love the holidays and the traditions we are making with our kids. But this year has been especially rough, most recently with the death of my Grandma and my husband being ill. 
Super easy and comfy outfits are a must during these busy times. I had to have this sweater the moment I saw it, and it made me immediately think of Scandinavian folk art! The embroidery and bell sleeves check two boxes in the trend department. Alright, back to finishing our gingerbread house!

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