Monday, June 19, 2017

Tried and True

I’ve had a run of bad luck recently with some items I’ve ordered (a dress, a blouse, a kimono-type thing and a pair of shoes). It’s hard not to get discouraged when this happens, and with the way I shop it’s not always as easy as a return. Quite often I am buying secondhand from eBay, Poshmark, buy/sell/trade boards, or taking my chance on something overseas. Hopefully, I can re-sell these items by the same means or they will filter down to either the consignment shop or donation. When this kind of disappointment happens, I usually look to my “tried and true” style where I know I will be happy and comfy.

I’ve wanted a Free People Lace Trapeze Slip for quite a while now. This is one of those items that Free People carries all of the time – they just come out with different colors/prints. Since it is one of their “standard” items, it usually never goes on sale (it’s $88). But! It is one of those pieces you might find a good deal on at Macy’s or TJ Maxx. Or, my recommendation is to purchase from eBay, Poshmark, or a buy/sell/trade board. You can usually find them anywhere from $20 - $40. I ended up finding mine at Poshmark and I am very happy with my purchase. I ended up choosing an olive green, as it seems to be a color I am getting a lot of use out of lately.

I would never pay $88 for this even though it is a pretty versatile piece. You can layer it over or under a ton of things (I felt I needed a tank under as the lace is see-through). Some people wear it as a dress, but, no, not for me. A long tunic is perfect for me over a pair of distressed jeans! This really is the perfect definition of my everyday look!

Mossimo High Rise Distressed Jeans & olive tank – Target

Sandals – Payless

Necklace – Lucky Brand

Tahari Sunglasses – TJ Maxx

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