Friday, April 8, 2011

Friday's Peacock Find

The weeks are getting away from me...... as much as I want to keep up with Bead Table Wednesdays and my Friday peacock finds, they are often a reminder of just how quickly the time is passing. Maybe I will change my Friday peacock finds to Sporadic or Random peacock finds to fit my changing life. At any rate, trying to find peacock items for a baby boy is a bit challenging as most things are suited for a baby girl. But you knew I'd try, right? Several months ago I was alerted (by another blogger) of this fantastic blog - Aura Joon. She too was going through pregnancy, so that - along with her beautiful photographs and inspiring decor - was enough for me to check in with her from time to time. She recently had her baby girl Elodie (congrats!) and the first photos she posted featured a beautiful peacock feather print blanket. So I went in search of this peacock blanket, hoping it wasn't something one of a kind or handmade. I found it! It's a bamboo swaddling blanket from Aden + Anais. I purchased the set of 3 and I think Jon will like the other 2 because orange is his favorite color. I can't wait to get them - bamboo is one of my favorite materials! It is so soft! You can be sure you will probably see some pics of Baby Richard in this blanket!

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