Saturday, August 15, 2009

Fun Trades

I've been involved with some fun trades over the past few weeks! It's so great to be a part of such a fun and generous beading community.

First up, Sue from Sue Beads contacted me about my inside painted glass beads. Her travels to Japan have given her and her daughter a fondness for Geisha, and I was happy to share some of my stash with her.
In return, look at these gorgeous lampwork beads she sent me!Next is from a fellow Estian; Jenny. One of my morning rituals is to type the word "peacock" into the search box on Etsy so that I can always keep up to date on the latest peacock lovelies. I came across a necklace Jenny made with some cool peacock feather charms. I inquired where she got them and the answer was A.C. Moore craft store. Unfortunately, I don't have that chain here in Michigan so Jenny was nice enough to purchase some for me........ ....... in return for some of my wood burned beads:Check out Jenny's cool Etsy shop, Bee's Knees Boutique. She seems to share a fondness for owls!

I am looking forward to playing with my new things and finding just the right designs for them!

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