Saturday, September 8, 2018

Then and Now : Otomi

Popping in with another "then and now"..... this time with one of my all time favorite embroidery patterns : OTOMI!!! The collage above are my newer pieces and the collage below is from previous years. These new looks I am showing could not be more simple - really casual tops thrown on with jeans. That's it. These past looks have a little more oomph to them - especially the jacket I made with one of my thrift store panels (also made these pillows - man that was one of those thrift finds you remember forever).
First up is this Nanette Lepore peasant top. Nanette did an entire swimwear line with this embroidery this past Summer and this top was considered a cover up. The Isla Marietas collection was sold at many retailers - I ended up getting my top at Macy's. I am linking to some eBay listings here.

This past Wednesday was our last "hot" day (or at least I think it will be). Ugh, it was too hot for any jewelry and I feel like a sweaty mess here! This Johnny Was tank (eBay) and wide leg jeans (Loft) kept me as cool as could be though.

And........ a few days later there is a chill in the air so it was perfect to bust out this long sleeve henley! The otomi pattern is printed on this top by Relativity, an exclusive brand of the now bankrupt Younkers.

Friday, September 7, 2018

Vintage Tunic

This tunic is one of those rare, vintage Anthropologie pieces that I finally snagged on eBay after years of looking. It's by Floreat and it's bright colors, pattern mixing, embroidery and flowy fabric checks all the boxes for me! It even has pockets! So easy to throw on with jeans and go! Per usual, I'm showing a "new to me" top with all the old standbys!
Floreat Embroidered Patchwork Tunic : vintage Anthro
Mossimo High Rise Jeans : Target
Sandals : Payless
Necklace : Express

Thursday, September 6, 2018

September Sapphire

Yesterday was my birthday - I survived the first year of my 40's! My birthstone is Sapphire, so this dress seemed fitting. Since it was a recent purchase, it feels like my gift to myself. I have a really hard time purchasing things at full price but I had to make an exception for this dress. So I thought I would share my thought process in why/when I buy something that is not on sale.
If you've been following me for a while, you know that I love a good deal. I check websites daily to monitor prices (I bookmark items I want or create a wishlist if the site has one). I comparison shop. I wait for sales and use coupon codes. I don't mind shopping secondhand, not only in person but online. When I pay full price for something it might be because I can sense it is going to sell out before hitting sale. It might be that I simply can't find it online to monitor the price. It might be that I want to support a small business or consultant.
So let me tell you the story of this dress. I recently mentioned that I was finally able to visit a few boutiques in Detroit in person that I've been wanting to see for some time - The Peacock Room and Frida. I saw this Johnny Was dress at Frida and fell in love. It was the most gorgeous color and fabric. Even though I usually gravitate toward prints, the multiple eyelet and embroidered details of this dress truly made it a statement piece even though it is a solid color. When I got home, I set about my usual online search. But I could not find this dress anywhere! Johnny Was has it on their site, but only in black. Another boutique I found it at had it in white. And the only site I could find with this color was sold out. So I let it stew for about a month. Then I went back to Frida and bought it.
Of course the peacock feathers did it for me too! I can honestly say that a good dress is my favorite piece of clothing. They are comfortable. They are easy to accessorize. They make you feel like you have your shit together, even if you don't. They are cool in the Summer. They are warm in the Winter with the right layering. I always feel my best in a dress!
This dress doesn't need much - I kept it simple with a brown belt and sandals. As it gets cooler I plan to throw a jean jacket over it and swap the sandals for boots.
Johnny Was Dress : Frida (Detroit)
Belt : Kohl's
Sandals : Payless
Sunglasses : Target

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Then and Now : Wide Leg Pants

 I wear wide leg, funky printed pants and am proud of it! I dug through my archives to take a trip down memory lane of "all the pants I've loved before". All of these, with the exception of one, are from Anthropologie so I guess you could say they are a "go-to" for this style. And on that same note, I only still own one pair from this collage (sniff, sniff). Even though you'd think these pants would be forgiving, it's really only in the legs. It is so odd to me how much my waist/torso/hip area has morphed over the years.... for instance how a few pairs of these pants fit when I was pregnant but not now!?!?!
 So when I saw these beauties from Anthro (peacocks!), and realized how low my "pajama/not pajama" pants stock had dwindled, I knew I had to get back into the palazzo game!
 There are so many pretty colors in these pants, that it's going to be fun to remix them which is something I so enjoyed with my previous pairs. Sometimes, the crazier the piece the more fun it is to create outfits around it. Photographing wide leg pants is still a challenge though!
Apt 9 Sweater : Kohl's (old)
Sunglasses & Sandals : Target (old)
Necklace : Francesca's (old)

Thursday, August 23, 2018

Crochet Carryall

 Ahhh, yet another granny square item to add to my collection (so far I only have sweaters..... about 5 at the moment). This week has been nuts. Each of my boys had back to school night on two different nights and then the Chelsea County Fair always happens this week too so we pick an evening to go to that. And then I also had to fit in a Meijer trip. Usually I would just plan to get a Shipt delivery, but there were some odd items on my list that required me to go in person. So I reluctantly drudged out last night but my mood immediately turned as I spotted this beauty!
 The brand is Twig & Arrow if you don't have a Meijer by you. It was $38 and currently all bags are 30% off. There is this light denim color combo, as well as black. There is this tote size and then a smaller purse to choose from as well. A few posts ago I was bragging about going "hands free" with fanny packs, so you might wonder why I opted for a tote. I find that I am either trying to go bare minimum, or have enough room for everything!
 I also realized that lately I only switch purses when I get a new one. So, even though I purposely color coordinated these pics, I am not someone who changes out my bag to match every outfit. My current purse I have carried since November of last year which is when I got it! Any woman knows the decision to change bags is quite an undertaking! Like, you need to add it to your to do list. LOL!
 I kept to a really simple jeans and tee outfit here. I choose a darker denim to offset the lighter denim of the bag. Of course the jeans, sandals, necklace and sunglasses are all my favorite staples. Earlier this season, I was looking for some good basic tees and I found this style at Kohl's. V-neck, loose shape, shark-bite hem..... it's a very thin sweatshirt like material so it is very soft. I got it in this green and a dark grey and they get a lot of wear.
 Twig & Arrow Tote : Meijer
Sonoma Tee : Kohl's
Mossimo Jeans & Sunglasses : Target
Sandals : Payless

Thursday, August 16, 2018

Embroidery Love

I can't resist some good embroidery! When I saw LuLaRoe's newest release - the Deanne II - I was in love. It's a sheer embroidered maxi dress, so you can layer it over whatever you wish. I already had a few black maxi dresses so I was all set! You could use a shorter dress or even a tank and leggings (or tank and jeans). 
There are so many gorgeous patterns out there, but I was drawn to this one almost immediately. It reminded me of an embroidered dress from Anthropologie I lusted after last year - same color palette and types of flowers. I ordered it from a consultant in my home state of Wisconsin - love supporting the local ladies when I can! When I got it, I was so happy with it. 
I usually don't have problem with things being too long on me, but this one was a bit. There is a seam at the waist where there would be an opportunity to adjust the length professionally (so that you don't lose the pretty hem). But, I just belted it and pulled the fabric up a bit, creating a "blousy" look on top. I am feeling okay with that fix for the moment.
I remember owning a few similar dresses in the early 2000's....... I wish I had pictures of me in them just to look back on, so I guess that's one benefit of this blog..... it's like I am documenting my history. Of course I remember big life events, but I am also someone who remembers weird details about insignificant days. When I'm looking back on some of my posts, I can recall how I might have felt that day, how I love a particular photo location, a memory about purchasing an item, etc..... Today I was thinking that this dress deserves more than Arby's drive thru for lunch! LOL! Such is the life of a busy working Mom!
If there is one thing I know about this season of my life, it's that I can have my highest highs and lowest lows all within the same day. Every day. Some days the only person who can make you happy is YOU! So buy the special dresses and WEAR them! Even if you're just going to the Arby's drive thru.......

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

When a Plan Comes Together

When I buy things, I usually have several ideas on how to wear them right away. But sometimes I buy something because I like it and know I will figure it out later. That was the case with this jean jacket and necklace. The jean jacket I bought back in the Spring..... a jean jacket is classic and I couldn't resist the peacock embroidery. While colorful, I just wasn't finding anything in my closet that I liked with it so it has sat for months.
The necklace I bought just last week. I went on a field trip with my son to a museum in Detroit, and I had a little time to kill before meeting the group. I was thrilled to see that The Peacock Room (recently talked about here) and their sister store Frida was only 2 blocks away from the museum! FINALLY I was going to get to go to these store in person. And they did not disappoint! All of the clothing and accessories are so thoroughly selected at different price points. I really restrained myself and only bought this necklace at Frida as a reminder of my trip. It caught my eye, but again I had no idea what I was going to wear with it. 
Over the weekend, I went to a LuLaRoe sale at my local consultants home. She had this peacock feather Carly that I knew had to be mine. As soon as I saw the purple and mustard yellow, I immediately thought of the colors in the peacock jacket. This is my fourth Carly and it's the most worn style of my LLR dresses. They are just so versatile and comfortable!
So I knew I was going to wear the dress and jacket together, and then I saw the necklace with it's wood beads and creamy white accents was perfect! The colors of this outfit will transition into Fall perfectly - I would just trade out the sandals for booties.
It seems to be more fun when an outfit comes together like this - unplanned. It can take months, it can take years. Buy what you love and trust that it will come together!
Jean Jacket - Aeropostale
Carly Dress - LuLaRoe
Necklace - Frida
Sandals - Rockport
Sunglasses - Target