Wednesday, September 1, 2021

August Reads

Golden Girl, by: Elin Hilderbrand

Of course I picked up Elin's latest release from the library (and even gifted a copy to my dear friend). Readers will find that Golden Girl is loosely based on Elin's life, as the main character Vivian is a divorced novelist with 3 children living on Nantucket. Vivian is struck down by a careless driver while on her daily jog and dies. In the afterlife, she is guided by Martha and given a 30 day window to view those she left behind (and 3 nudges for their futures). While she watches her kids struggle with their own unique problems, she also has a secret from her past come out as well as keeping tabs on her ex-husband and best friend. Yet another enjoyable read from Elin!

Eating Wildly, by: Ava Chin

The past year has pushed me into a more holistic lifestyle, so when I saw this book at the bookstore we always visit on vacation, I picked it up. My past house was well established with blueberries, raspberries, grapes, apples, pears, and woods to find morel mushrooms. I miss that aspect of my life, and unfortunately am not quite there yet to start something similar right now. However, this book is about an abundance of edibles that are not as mainstream as the list I mentioned above. My friend has gone on foraging hikes and now I would love to go on one too. What's even more interesting about Ava is, she forages in New York City! You wouldn't think there is much to find in an urban setting, but that is untrue. From writing articles and recipes in the most well known publications, to hosting themed dinner parties, Ava opens your eyes to this vast world. Her process also ties into her relationships with her family and eventual husband.

Show Me The Honey, by: Dave Doroghy

Wanting more after reading Eating Wildly, I picked up this ARC copy I got a few years ago about beekeeping. Dave becomes an accidental beekeeper after being gifted a hive. This is his humorous tale of immersing himself into this hobby, and I learned SO MUCH about bees! So very interesting, and I am definitely looking at my farmers market honey with much more appreciation. Also a good reminder of how important these little pollinators are to our world.

Mackinac Maze, by: Jerry Prescott

Since it was about this time last year that I had my first visit to Mackinac Island, I wanted to reminisce, so I started this book a friend gave to me. The book definitely brought me back there, but the story was drawn out a bit too long and with too many unnecessary details. The only reason I kept reading it was because of the setting, if I'm being honest. Two police officer from Ann Arbor are visiting the island to plan their wedding there. They stumble into a murder and their romantic weekend quickly turns into them being involved in helping the FBI investigate the continued series of events that happen.

Dare to Shift (multiple authors)

This book is a compilation of short stories from 17 amazing women. One of them is local to me, so she was selling signed copies at an event hosted at our local coffee shop. The main focus is that all of these women have a story to tell about a "shift" in their life...... whether it be a career change, discovering faith/spirituality, divorce, health issues. I was inspired by each and every one of them! Being written during the times of covid, it was comforting to relate as many of them had the same thoughts and feelings as I have about the severe change in home/work life. This is a read I am telling all of my closest girlfriends about!

Hello, Transcriber, by: Hannah Morrissey

Thank you Minotaur Books for this advance reader copy - this is released on November 30th. I felt in the mood for a darker read, so I picked up this mystery that is set in a fictional city near Milwaukee, WI (where I grew up). Hazel is a police transcriber who knows the most gruesome secrets of where she lives, but cannot talk to anyone about them. That is, until she gets wrapped up in a case with an alluring detective that makes her question her lifeless marriage and if she will ever get out of this dead end city to fulfill her dream of becoming a writer. I really enjoyed this book, and the author's descriptions definitely set a realistic tone throughout.


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