Monday, January 24, 2022

Get the Look for Less : Granny Square Accessories

If you've been around here for a while, you will know that I am obsessed with granny square clothing! This Winter, I feel like cold weather granny square accessories have exploded! It seems everywhere I turn, I see something new, so I thought I would round them all up and show you how you can "get the look for less". I mean, it's not even worth it to learn how to crochet at these prices!

Before I get into every item though, I love how this cold weather look in my favorite blue tones came together! The striped top and floral vest are both from Anthropologie, purchased during their amazing after holiday sale. The hand warmers my hubby got me for Christmas from a local fair trade store and I just love them. The scarf I will get into first here.......
Anthro had this scarf for sale this season, and $199.95 is the SALE price!?!?!? I believe it retailed for $300 originally. I popped over to their sister store - Urban Outfitters - to grab a few scarves on sale from $49 to $9.99. I got two colorways.

Next up, Anthro also had this ear warmer for $100. Well, it was pretty early in the season when I found a granny square ear warmer, hat, and mittens at Target..... all for around $10 or less each!

Lastly, I saw some slides and/or slippers to the tune of $85 and $198. In the Fall I was at a vintage market where I bought several loose granny squares for a quarter each! I figured I could try my hand at sewing them onto a pair of slippers I purchased at Target for $18. I think they turned out great. The slippers have a pretty nice sole, so I could probably get away with wearing them out and about. With the fuzzy shoe trend, I think they'd fit right in.


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