Thursday, September 8, 2016

That 90's Vibe

They always say if you wait long enough, something will come back in style. We’ve seen it time and time again, and some decades just never go out of style (I feel this way about the 70’s because it always seems there is SOMETHING in fashion inspired by that time). It’s now my generations time = the 90’s! Suddenly, chokers are back. I am seeing bodysuits here and there. Chunky heels. Slip dresses over t-shirts. I couldn’t resist trying a little throwback!

I recently got this simple black slip dress from Target (Who What Wear line). My first instinct was to throw a jean jacket over it. But is has been so stinking hot and muggy lately! Summer is giving us one last hurrah, so wearing it over a tee came to mind. All these years as I’ve cleaned out my jewelry box, I just couldn’t force myself to get rid of my choker, so of course I am happy about that good decision making. Suddenly, I was transported back to high school and remembering the days of seeing all of the grunge bands at The Rave. Cue up some Pearl Jam for the ride to work!
Who What Wear dress : Target
Falls Creek White tee : Meijer
Catherine Malandrino Heels : Zulily
Choker : vintage

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