Tuesday, May 31, 2016


One thing I love for sure, is an unusually printed maxi dress! From the pattern to the color combos, it's something that Anthropologie does so well! It's no surprise that I was drawn to this print because it is so similar to a pair of wide leg pants I used to own (also from Anthro) - I posted the comparison pics at the end. Unfortunately, I couldn't fit in the pants anymore so I sold them on the buy/sell/trade board.......and then bought this dress on the same board a bit later! A good example of replacing something you are not using but still love. I think I love the dress version more in fact! Out with the old, in with the new...... destash to restash! And while we're on the subject of geometric maxis, this one also reminds me of another Anthro fav (also pictured at the end)..... I don't know what these shapes are - eyes? At any rate, these are two of my most beloved dresses - forever keepers!
 Floreat "Dahlia" Maxi Dress - Anthropologie (from buy/sell/trade board)
Jean Jacket - TJ Maxx
Black Wedges - Rockport
Brass Peacock Feather Earrings - Lucky Brand

 The resemblance is uncanny, mostly at the bottom of the dress where it starts to get the lines and dots. The pants were by Harlyn (and independent brand) and the dress by Anthro's in house brand Floreat. 
 Geometric Goodness! Maeve and Floreat, both from Anthropologie. Both have pockets!
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That dress is WONDERFUL! Thanks for linking up with Fun Fashion Friday and have a fab weekend!

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