Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Coffee & Culottes

I recently talked a bit about denim culottes, but dress pant like culottes are also quite popular. I actually got these back in December, in both navy and black, from Old Navy. I choose them because they were high-rise (aren't all my bottoms now!?!?!) and such a great price. I am so glad the weather is finally such that I can wear them! I've had this peacock button-up for a while too, but it needed to be ironed and we all know how that goes! It's my second peacock find from Boden (here is the first). A skinny belt and wedges help balance out the look and proportions.

This week has been insanely busy, and I had a ton to do this day, but I am glad I took a minute to snap a few pictures. No matter how busy I am, keeping up the blog is something that relaxes me and keeps me grounded. What else helps me get through it all? Coffee!!! Smores Frappuccino is back!

Seychelles Departure Wedges - Anthropologie
Belt and Sunglasses - Kohl's
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