Friday, April 17, 2015

Marsala Musings

Well damn. 

I thought that going back to work would help me with posting more frequently. I truly wish I could have taken pictures and posted about every outfit for the last 3 weeks  4 weeks. Or has it been 5 weeks since I went back to work? I can't keep track and obviously, I started writing this post a while ago. Anyway, it's all just a matter of adjusting and finding my grove. As always, weather and lighting play a big part in all of this. And now, location. Not that I haven't felt challenged before, but at least in the past I worked in a downtown area where I could walk and find a variety of interesting backdrops. Now, my new job is right off the highway with absolutely nothing around it. Finding a unique place will now require driving and scouting. With the few backlog of photos I do have to post about, I've used this one brick wall on my house.
So, Marsala is the color of 2015. This little peacock feather shift dress is a nice representation of it. I can't really get a feel for this year, 2015, yet. The time has gone so fast - a blur really. It often seems like we just do what we have to do to get through the days. There is not a lot of time to stop and think. To relax. 
I had a lot more I wanted to say, but since I've been meaning to post for 2 weeks now I am just going to hit publish. Hopefully, someday soon I will have time for more.
Piuma Shift Dress - Anthropologie ($39.95 plus they are having an extra 20% off sale right now!)
Necklace, tights and boots - JC Penney

I liked pulling the teal out with the necklace, and as you know, tassels are everything right now (even though I got this necklace on clearance years ago).
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Boho adorable! Love the necklace. Thanks for sharing with Fun Fashion Friday. Enjoy your weekend!
Dawn Lucy